Argan Oil and Castor Oil Hair Mask


I believe that the best hair treatments are made of oils. There is no expensive treatment that will ever make me give up on my oils.

I’m fairly new to oils and I’m still in the process of learning about them and about the real benefits of each individual one. Aside from that I have two that I use very often: the argan oil and the castor oil.

The argan oil I use both on my skin and my hair, so far all I know about this oil it’s from personal experience and what it says on the bottle:

“It comes from the seeds contained in the fruit pit of the Argan, a tree endemic of southwestern Morocco. A real beauty asset, argan oil has been used for centuries by Berber women. Richest oil in unsaponifiables and vitamin E in the world, argan oil has multiples regenerating properties. As skin care, it softens and nourishes dry skin. It also minimizes flaws and wrinkles. Before the shampoo, it fortifies and softens dry hair.”


As for castor oil I specifically use it for my hair. It is known for fortifying and growing hair. Is used in hair loss treatments and it is a beauty cult in the natural community for achieving long hair, eyelashes and helping on the growth of eyebrows, it is also known for its laxative properties too.


Now, on to the hair mask already, I mix in a bowl the following ingredients:

  • Extra virgin Olive Oil;
  • Apple Cider Vinegar;
  • Coconut Oil;
  • Castor Oil;
  • Argan Oil;

Honestly for quantities I literally just pour the amount I wish in that moment. There is a few considerations you must have:

  1. The Castor Oil is really really thick;
  2. You should leave it in for about 2h or the whole night if you have the time to shower in the morning;
  3. If you are smell sensitive you can mix it with an hair mask;
  4. You will need to wash your hair at least twice, to get all of the oils off;
  5. This is a very powerful nutritious mask so I recommend only using it once a week or your hair will get very heavy.

That is pretty much it, I love this mask and I can honestly see differences in hair growth, hydration and texture, as for fortifying I’m not that sure about it yet.

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment down below what are your thoughts on oils.

Argan Oil and Castor Oil Hair Mask

2 thoughts on “Argan Oil and Castor Oil Hair Mask

  1. I loved this article! I also believe in oils and I’ve tried to find more information about Castor oil.

    Thanks to you, I think I’m going to try the castor oil.
    Wish me luck! 🙂

    Make more articles like this plz!


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