The Language of Flowers

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Because it’s Valentine’s Day I’ve decided to bring a little romance to the blooming tea. Flowers are an eternal symbol of love and passion. You can declare your love without any words with a single rose or at least you could in 1884.

Funny thing about my family, my dad loves to read and he collects books since he was a child. Because of that we have two home libraries. Me on the other hand only discovered my passion for reading fairly recently.

Naturally, I sometimes go to his libraries and just read the titles and see what stands out and a book called “The Language of Flowers” by Kate Greenaway just stood out. This is a pocket book with little more than 50 pages and it has all of the flowers you can imagine and the poetic meaning behind them. This was a pretty handy book at the time for choosing the right flower for a very specific message.

It got me thinking, why did this book from 1884 with very cute illustrations just felt out of use? No one gifts flowers anymore and if we do must of us don’t care about the meaning behind it. It’s no longer an intimate action.

So, I have a challenge for you. Because this book is very old has this book for you to read free of charge and even let’s you download it (it is all legal and free of charge). What about we start to bring a little magic from 1884 to the 21st century?

Download pdf here.

I have my copy right here, in Portuguese. For me to check every time I want to:


The Language of Flowers

Answer this tea leaf!

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