Law of Attraction

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Before you click out of this post just read me out. I consider myself a women of science I am a biologist and a vet student, but there’s no denying that somethings we cannot explain.

The concept of law of attraction came to me trough a friend, this friend is a huge believer in spiritualism and all of that realm. When she talked about it I would usually just nod politely and pretend to understand it. But I didn’t and to be quite honest that dimension really scared me and I didn’t want anything to do with it.

To this day I still don’t know what made me change my mind, maybe I grew up or had an intuition that I should learn more about it, and since then I won’t stop reading about it, learning about it and have this strange compelling feeling to talk about it.

What is the law of attraction? From what I could understood the law of attraction is the power that our thoughts have on determining the direction our lives take. How can that be? Many authors about this subject explain that every thought emits a frequency and that frequency attracts more thoughts, people, situations and opportunities with that same frequency. “Like attracts like” they say, that means that every single thought you have is either going to benefit you or not.

A thought has two ends, a positive and a negative, if you focus on negative thoughts the frequency emitted can only bring negativity to your life. Imagine you are on a bus going home, you had a terrible day and the only thing you want is for no one to sit next to you, so naturally you keep thinking “Please do not sit next to me”. The problem is that the “universe” can’t distinguish between the concepts of yes and no, “it” only hears “sit next to me”.

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What science tells us. I couldn’t find any quantum physics papers about it even though the book authors keep telling us that their theory is supported by quantum physics. Quantum physics studies the nature in small scales of energy of atoms and subatomic particles so the only similarity is that both quantum physics and the law of attraction talk about the same properties – energy, frequency, etc. But to be honest I didn’t looked very deep into to it.

What I found was an article posted on the huffington post by the award winning author Srinivasan Pillay. In that article the author posts about three evidences “that the brain does in fact conform in its function to the “Law of Attraction””.

What I think. I’m still testing it every day of my life since learning about it. And let me tell you that even if this “law” or “theory” turns out not to be real, from the psychological point of view it can bring very positive benefits to you. This “law” basically tells you to stop dwelling on the negative aspects of your life and literally focus on the positive. It tells you that if you ask for something the universe will bring it to you and all you need to do is to believe that all you have asked is already yours.

Because of this mind set not only you will live a more positive and less neurotic life you will be more aware of opportunities to make your dreams come through. And believe me that confidence opens many doors.

I don’t want this post to get too extensive, I will be posting a second part of this topic where I will be revising what I’ve learn on how to attract and manifest what you desire according to the “law of attraction”.

What do you think about this topic?

Law of Attraction

11 thoughts on “Law of Attraction

    1. Hello! Thank you so much. I’m still learning about this topic and with every find I feel more and more curious about it. And sometimes things don’t need to be explained we just have to believe in it.

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  1. FrankinGalOBI says:

    In my opinion it is a very interesting topic that if deepened could be understood more thoroughly as the study in more depth its relationship with quantum laws or study by experimentation the cause and effect that this law gives in the world and the subject in which is studied; I think that the law has a great influence on the lives of people, whether they are conscious or unconscious, because many people do not know or ignore this law and do not realize that their lives change.

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    1. I’m a scientist (Biologist) and a medical doctor in the making so I’m naturally wired to be skeptical! But I believe in this law with all of my being because since I’ve been practicing being aware of my thoughts more my life started to be an amazing experience! So hopefully there will be real studies and more people will be informed! Thank you for commenting!

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