The MAGIC by Rhonda Byrne: Day 4

Today is day 4 of my magical adventure trough the Rhonda Byrne’s Magic challenge!

For those following my adventure closely via this posts you now that for the first time ever I was invited to a NYE party and against my normally freezing fears I went! Even not knowing most of the guests. In this post I’ll tell you my little adventure.

Today’s topic is about health and how it is our greatest wealth! Feeling under the weather? Well keep on reading.

Oh and before I forget: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Before I dive in we can’t forget about our daily 10 blessings:

  1. I’m blessed for having the time of my life in NYE, because I feel that I successfully stepped into 2018 with the most amazing and happy mind-set;
  2. I’m truly thankful for having found cute outfits for 2018 because it was so much fun shopping with my mom that I think it reflects on that;
  3. From the bottom of my heart I thank the Universe for my family and how close we are to each other;
  4. I’m truly blessed for the most delicious lunch I had on the first day of 2018, because it was nutritious, delicious and brought us all together;
  5. I’m thankful for new friendships, because friends are the family we get to choose and we should be able to find people who make us comfortable and also help us grow as people;
  6. From the bottom of my heart I thank the Universe for perseverance because when you find the courage for standing up for yourself you should keep going forward and don’t give in;
  7. I’m thankful for safety, because you should feel safe in your home and in your city;
  8. I’m blessed for my dog’s health, because she will live a long and happy life with us;
  9. I’m truly thankful for tv shows, because sometimes is good to escape reality and follow closely all the plots and stories that make us think and daydream a little;
  10. I’m blessed for fresh starts, because I know that 2018 will be my year and I will accomplish a lot of amazing things!


As for my NYE party I went without any hopes built and just lived in the moment. I ate and I drank and even danced on top of chairs to songs from my teenage years. I met new people with different perspectives and I loved every second. I’m thankful for this opportunity given to me by our Universe.

DAY 4: Magical Health

Today is all about health and I couldn’t think about a better topic to start the year! We should start 2018 with all of the strength we deserve!

For this magical practise you’ll need the book. In that book the author wrote a text that you should calmly read. The topic of that text is about the human body and how its different parts and organs help us accomplish amazing things everyday and how we should individually thank them!

After you are finished with your reading you need write on a little piece of paper the following:


You should keep that piece of paper in a place you won’t be able to miss when you pass by and in four different occasions you need to slowly read it and feel the gratefulness fill you in.

I HAVE A DISCLAIMER and an advice. I believe in the power of manifestation and in the power of the Law of Attraction but I’m still a scientist and a woman of Medicine. I think conventional Medicine and LoA need to work together. Please don’t stop taking your medication or refuse medical treatment, keep fighting and we are here for you.

Happy manifestation.

The MAGIC by Rhonda Byrne: Day 4

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