The MAGIC by Rhonda Byrne: A mix of emotions!

Today was supposed to be day 5 and I should be telling you all about manifesting money but as it turns out I couldn’t find anytime to do day 5 so I instead of skipping a post I decided to talk trough the emotional aspect of doing this challenge and blogging about it everyday.

Today I found my first little bump on this journey, my motivation is decreasing a little bit. I can barely do the magic practises because I have to wake up really early and go to class so I can’t do the exercises with the time it requires.

Also it’s very hard to keep a positive mind-set, be grateful for certain people in my life and don’t think bad thoughts about them when they are always in a bad mood and angry all the time.

Today I found myself crying almost all of the afternoon with this heavy feel of frustration that quickly transformed itself in a big wave of sadness. It feels like I’m constantly being tested, there’s always something that’s in the way of my happiness. I’m not giving up but this blog is about my journey and I feel the need to be honest with you always.

Even if today if I’m struggling with finding any blessing I need to manage to find 10 so I’m really diving deep on this one:

  1. I’m truly blessed for being able to forgive, because I truly believe that I only have to be mad or angry if I want to be. Sometimes it’s easier to give in and be angry and think all of these angry thoughts about these people, let’s just breath in and let it go;
  2. I’m thankful for never giving up, I’m feeling tired all the time lately and even if it feels like walking through a storm I make sure I keep going forward and never give up;
  3. I’m truly blessed for upbeat songs that boost your confidence when you need it the most, just get up and dance until you feel better;
  4. I’m thankful for being beautiful, sexy and confident, you how society tells you to keep your inner goddess locked deep inside? Well no more, accept your beauty always;
  5. I’m blessed for inspiration, because without it life would be very boring;
  6. I’m thankful for my little bedroom where I feel safe to express myself and where I will always find peace;
  7. I’m thankful for being able to create myself and be the best person I can be;
  8. I’m blessed for being able to live a comfortable life and to have a roof over my head, food on the table, going to school and never missing a thing;
  9. From the bottom of my hear I’m truly thankful for positive and full spirited people, whom you can tell everything and follow them into amazing mind-blowing adventures;
  10. I’m blessed to have found a platform to express my feelings and believes in hope that maybe I can inspire others.


According to the Law of Attraction emotions are like our best friends because they tell you if you are going in the right direction. If you don’t feel great there is something you need to change:


The problem is, and it happens with all theories, is that in theory you set a stable environment but in real life there’s other people and life that is far from linear and we humans are constantly evolving and trying to balance ourselves on the rope that is life. So even if gratitude and being positive is ideal sometimes there are days that even if we try our bests we can’t fully make ourselves in that mindset.

And funny enough I’m pretty sure today  I’m feeling this way because I was surrounded most of my day with negative people, unfortunately I need to deal with them on a daily basis and I can’t escape or separate myself from them. But I do wonder if that actually had an impact on my mindset… you know, listening to them.

All I can say is I tried my best and tomorrow I will be even better and I’ll bring more magical pratices for manifesting more money into your life.


The MAGIC by Rhonda Byrne: A mix of emotions!

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