I’ve Manifested Something Amazing

It’s all coming back… I’ve daydreamed this entire situation last summer (I think) and I’m now beginning to remember. It just can’t be, can it?

You know when sometimes we let our mind wander to places far from reality? Well last summer I daydreamed about a situation, a new neighbour.

I came up with this story in my head about a new neighbour how he would come to live in my street and he being my age at all (pretty much the only one in this neighbourhood) develops a natural curiosity about me. In my story with begin to have these awkward encounters and start to slowly get to know each other.

Life happens and I forgot about this, I kind of daydream a lot so I couldn’t keep up with my scenarios even if I tried. A few months back this guy and his family bought the house for sale in front of mine and before they moved in they would visit it while in construction and honestly me being the weirdest girl alive I would kind of hide and try not to be seen.

I mean a girl must go out of her house eventually, right? Sometimes when I go out I can see him peeking trough his window. It doesn’t mean a thing ok? Stop making a story around this and also he has a girlfriend and I’m too much self-involved to get out of my enclosed life to ever explore this situation further.

But how amazing is this? This just gives me proof that manifestation is real! It must be! Unless I’m a clairvoyant and if so why haven’t I daydreamed about the lottery numbers? I need to go deeper and learn more about Law of Attraction! I’m just scared to go too deep and find other realities I don’t want to be apart of…

I promise tomorrow I’ll publish day 5 of The Magic challenge I just needed a little break to sort my head out. I’m ok know, stronger than ever ready to help you to get your dreams.

See you tomorrow!



I’ve Manifested Something Amazing

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