I’ve Lost Sight On What’s Important

It’s been almost a year since my last post, and I keep wondering if I hadn’t stopped writing would my life be different by now?

When I first wrote you I just discovered the Law of Attraction and I was marvelled with the endless possibilities, great possibilities!

Once my life was going accordingly with expected, going according with my plans and I was borderline happy, somewhere along the line I forgot all that I’ve learned.

And I just stopped! I stopped meditating, I stopped listening to my inner self and my to my emotions, stopped counting blessings and I stopped visualizing what my heart most desired

I stopped building my future!

As a consequence a lot of bad things happened, and I let a lot of people fill my heart with hatred and jealousy. All my positivity is gone, but lesson learned! No more.

Today is the day where I’ll relearn my lesson and rise even greater than before and this time I promise I will document my journey!


I’ve Lost Sight On What’s Important

Answer this tea leaf!

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