Manifestation of The Week and Setting My Goals!

It still baffles me how something so simple can work so greatly!

For a split second I thought to myself How great would it be to have a TV in my bedroom? and doze off daydreaming about it for a awhile.

A few days later my father suggested that I bring my late Grandmother’s TV to my bedroom so I can watch my TV shows. I’m now writing this post as I’m watching a movie on my new TV!

I decided that to make this my prerogative, I gave it some thought and decided on 4 goals I want to accomplish until September of 2019:

  1. Be the very best in my class and get accepted in my first choice college (by transfer);
  2. Get accepted into Medical School (and do both Medicines at the same time MD and DVM);
  3. Earn a substantial amount of money to live comfortably in my own dream apartment while studying full-time;
  4. Work on my body and appearance until I reach the best version of myself possible;

For the next post expect some creative writing about each goal, so we can visualize together!

Remember always be aware of what you are thinking and focusing because you are manifesting those things! Make sure you manifest positive and beautiful things!

We cracked the code! Now we just need to have awareness!


Manifestation of The Week and Setting My Goals!

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