Changing My Appearance Through Visualization

Last post I talked about my 3 goals that I’m mainly focusing! One of them stirred the tea a little…

Work on my body and appearance until I reach the best version of myself possible.

How can someone change their appearance with just manifestation and Law of Attraction? It’s simple, if you can imagine and picture it than it’s possible and my appearance has changed so much, especially since last year.

But here’s the thing… you need to find within yourself how YOU believe you should look like, you cannot manifest being someone else. And I’m here to help both of us out!

I was very unhappy with the way I looked and that’s because I KNEW that the reflection I saw in my mirror was NOT ME! I could see the real ME in my dreams and I was beautiful, I was perfection. If I could share that same dream with you I bet you that you probably wouldn’t think the same because being beautiful is different for everyone. That’s why you need to find your own meaning of being beautiful.

You need to let yourself dream! It will come to you! And after that just let the universe do their thing opportunities will come and your body will know what to do! Bones CAN remodel, skin CAN stretch and your appearance CAN change! Opportunities will appear!

After you find yourself you can look for pictures that resembles what you look for so you can meditate and visualize some more!

There’s one more thing you should know… this cannot work if you don’t love yourself! Mind attracts mind!

Now here are some pictures that helps me visualize my real self:

  1. Perfect skin: in my dreams I have the most flawless skin, a true glass, glowy skin that radiates without any makeup, but it’s not filtered, my little freckles still shine trough:

2. Amazing bone structure and a wider face! And let me tell you my face changed so so much! I used to have NO chin at all and since I began this journey I’m starting to have a cute full chin! I’m striving for a 90 degree mandible! That’s my dream look and I will get it:

3. A fuller hair and filled hairline. Now I love my hair I do! I just know that it hasn’t reached its full potential it just need more volume and that my bald spots on my hairline will be filled, when I see it in my dreams I see it wavy and full and with an amazing hairline, it’s coming I can feel it:

4.  A healthy, thin beautiful body. I absolutely love my hourglass silhouette It just needs a little love! I need to work out, hydrate it, exfoliate it! I’m manifesting a little tone up, less saggy boobs and 3,5 inches. When I dream of it it’s just breath-taking:

5. Piercing eyes! I’m a brown-eyed girl and I don’t want it to change! But when I dream of them, they’re somewhat piercing with little hints of grey and green! They are coming to me!

So you might be asking… won’t you look totally different? Will people recognize you? Yes of course! For two reasons:

  1. Changes occur gradually and people will get used to them so in the end it won’t be that different!;
  2. These changes respect your anatomy and the way you look, you just get enhanced until you reach your full potential, your true YOU that you dream!


Happy manifesting! Have you ever dreamt about your true self?

Changing My Appearance Through Visualization

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