12 Things I’ve Always Wanted to Do and Will Come The Year of 2019

So the New Year is almost here huh?

Well I’ve been thinking a lot about my downfall and how I’m trying to find myself again and what do I really want, what is my path? I’ve been counting the things that I intuitively wanted to do but never did. Maybe because it was stupid or because I’ve become to busy or distracted to actually do it.

There are 12 months in a year so I decided to start with 12 things.

  1. Try Michelle Phan’s Moon Tea: I decided to start with something simple a perfect cup of Earl Grey Tea with milk. This is just the start I want to learn more about tea, its properties, history. I’m a coffee addict but maybe I should start think about giving it up. Besides my long-term goal is to have a more conscious and spiritual relation with food.
  2. Learning about and collecting Crystals: I’ve always been fascinated about them not only for their appearance but for its culture of healing and magical proprieties. First step is buying a book about it.
  3. Read a book a month: I never had the habit of reading, I actually think I’ve never even read the required books for school. So I decided that no matter what I’m going to read at least a book a month, I’m following Rory Gilmore’s Book Challenge as well Emma Watson Book Club suggestions, mixing it up with some spiritual and self-help books. And I will try my best to review them in my Goodreads page.
  4. Journal everyday: This one sounds simple enough doesn’t it? Well it isn’t because I’ve tried it once. Writing about your feelings, your gratitude, your hopes and dreams isn’t easy when you only have 24 hours per day, where 12 of them is spent in Vet School plus 8 sleeping, meaning you only have 4 hours to eat, work out, meditate, relax, do your hobbies (including reading that one book a month), spend time with family, friends and pet, and don’t forget do more studying. But I will try to have those 2 minutes before bed to write to my dear Universe.
  5. Work out and meditate everyday: This will take 45 minutes of my day without any excuses. We need to respect our vehicle that is our body so that our mind can take us where we are supposed to be! So exercise for 30 minutes and meditate 15.
  6. Kill my curiosityRelax! I’m not really killing a soul. But I have interests that I never really explored, I want to study about ancient civilizations and lost ones too, botanical science, magic, alternative medicines (even if I am deeply involved in normal medicine in which I believe and will always practice), the universe, who knows even philosophy or astrology!
  7. Beauty: I want to explore this concept that has haunted me since I’ve remember. What is beauty? What is my own definition of it and how can I achieve it?
  8. Be more intuitive: Intuition has saved my life more than once! But it seems that in the world we live in we are deeply disconnected from it but I want to listen more to it and maybe even enhance it?
  9. Be courageous: This one strikes a particular nerve, this year I started my clinical year and being at the hospital made me realize I’m very much scared all the time! I’m scared of failure, of doing the wrong thing, of hurting my patients… but I need to get over this if I want to be a good doctor, if I want to be help animals!
  10. Be a better person: I don’t consider myself to be a bad person I even think I might be an empath of animals for sure but also of humans. But I think I’ve been blocking it. I want to never lie, gossip and be unconsidered to another person or being. I want to learn to forgive, understand and really listen to others. i just need to learn some techniques first!
  11. Be inspired and inspire: Come new year and I want to only follow inspirational people and pages no more superficiality and fabricated lives.
  12. Be active on social platforms: I want to share what I learn my reflections, my conquers and real life, so I want to be active! I want to share with the world!


What are yout 12 things you’ve always wanted to do but never actually did?

12 Things I’ve Always Wanted to Do and Will Come The Year of 2019

Answer this tea leaf!

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