Law of Attraction Hair Mask: Setting Hair Growth and Health Intentions on Home Made Hair Mask

I want to start the new year feeling beautiful. And my intuition tells me that the first step to reach my goal of changing my appearance with the Law of Attraction starts with my hair. I’ve been seeing so many positive changes already.

So I decided to do a home-made hair mask with only two ingredients: Castor oil and Olive oil.

Castor oil is the main hero in this mask. This oil has vitamin E and fatty acids (including ricinoleic acid). The fatty acids act like a natural moisture barrier to prevent water losses so it’s a natural moisturizer (if you want to use it in your face and body). It also stimulates skin regrowth along with the anti-inflammatory and pain relieving proprieties makes this inexpensive oil a natural healer! For bonus points it is said that helps cure acne and fights fungus! So I’m guessing we all need a little Castor oil in our lives. This will increase the flexibility and decreasing the chance of breakage of your hair, it’s a life saver.

Olive oil. Our kitchen friendly olive oil is going to thin the Castor oil so you can apply it better, but it has its amazing proprieties also. It has anti-inflammatory proprieties, it has antioxidants in it which fights oxygen radicals that are responsible for cellular death, and it is antibacterial. For curiosity it is proven to reduce strokes, heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis and even may help with Alzheimer’s!

Has for quantities just mix them until you reach an enough amount for all of your hair and leave it for at least 2 hours to be absorbed through your scalp. Note: if there is left overs use it as a face and neck mask for 20 minutes (just be sure to exfoliate first).

As for the intention is very simple! All you have to do is while mixing the ingredients and applying them to you hair be sure to be happy and filled with joy because you are making your hair grow and making it healthy!

Think about all of those bald spots that will be filled with unbreakable hair, that you’ll have an amazing volume and your hair will be thicker. When you get to that state of mind begin to affirm:

“My hair is beautiful!”

“My hair is becoming healthier with this mask”

“All of my bald spots are being filled with hair with this mask”

“My hair is the healthiest hair in the world because of this mask”

“I love my hair”

“My hair is perfect”

“This mask is a healer and it’s healing my hair in this moment”

“I am beautiful and I am the creator of my life and my appearance and everything that I want is already mine”

“Thank you Universe for giving me the life I want”

Be sure to believe in it! You are the creator of your life! Ask and you shall receive!


Law of Attraction Hair Mask: Setting Hair Growth and Health Intentions on Home Made Hair Mask

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