Things I Need to Work On According to Astrology

According to Spiritism and also some Dharmic religions, our souls/consciousness can reincarnate unlimited times until we attain moral and intellectual improvement. We will them gain a certain vibration (that can be high or low) or a karmic balance.

After we die accordingly with our karmic balance we choose our next life as humans (or according to Hinduism maybe another species), we literally plan our next life including how we die, in order to keep learning and improving.

The thing is when we reincarnate our soul forgets what we came to learn and because of that life will throw challenges at you to direct you into the right path.

But what if Astrology (and other occult sciences) can give us a hand and a heads up on what to start?


According to my astral natal chart and a superficial reading of it I found 12 aspects I need to be better:

  1. FEAR: I only have 8% of fire in my chart which means I do a lot of thinking but not a lot of action. I have a lot of ideas, plans, goals but I never come through because I either give up on them (remember my Rhonda Byrne The Magic Challenge fail?). Besides that (and I kid you not it was all written in my chart) I actually fear a lot, and sometimes irrationally, for my safety or safety of my love ones and my patients. I have fear in general, fear to ask, to go, to act, to do (I feel that too much while in the hospital). Luckily I am aware of that and this year I am pushing through and lighting a fire in my soul.
  2. COMMUNICATION: I don’t think I have bad communication skills but I have a few problems I need to work on. I need to stop feeling attacked when corrected or when I’m displeased. I also need to stop feeling the need to convince others to share the same opinion of me. And I need to stop pretend I know stuff I don’t or getting my way out of things with conversation and manipulation.
  3. RESPECT OTHERS: This one is second to the previous topic, I’ve always thought to be so respectful and understanding towards others but I realized I’m not. Because naturally I try to change other people’s minds (when they are not willing to it). It is okay to share my thoughts and beliefs but it is not okay to force them.
  4. JUDGING OTHERS: Again I thought I was great at this but again I’m not. I judge a lot other people but not for superficial things. For political positions, for not defending the same ideals, for their attitudes. The premise here is the same for previous points share but respect and if your souls don’t match just follow your paths away from each other.
  5. KINDNESS: I’m a nice person, I’m nice to everyone on the street, colleagues and friends but I can be very mean to my family. This is a core problem it relates with the other topics, my child and teenhood. But I am getting better at it, learning to love and respect each and every one of them for who they are because they made me who I am today.
  6. MINDFULNESS: I need to be more grounded. Space out less and be more present, more mindful. We should be more in touch with our feelings and emotions because they guide us! They tell us what we are doing wrong and our intuition tell us what we are doing right.
  7. INDECISIVENESS: I have so many ideas, ideals, goals, dreams that sometimes it becomes too much and I end up doing nothing or trying to do everything and fail at everything. I literally made a timetable for my weeks to make sure I come through with my goals this year and I actually limited my interests which means I need to finish one until I move on to other.
  8. SPIRITUALISM: I want to continue to explore my consciousness and matters of the soul and Universe. And I need to be less afraid and ashamed to speak up or be involved in these subjects in order to evolve.
  9. LISTENING: I need to listen more. Sometimes I notice I am preparing my answers before the other person finishes the topic. And stop interrupting, I hate when people do that to me so why do I sometimes do it?
  10. COMMITMENT: I need to make sure that if I do make promises I make sure I will keep them. Don’t cheat, don’t make false excuses. Commit.
  11. RELATIONSHIPS: I haven’t had a relationship for a little over 4 years and I don’t miss it at all. I’m as happy as I can be. But I need to explore why is this? Why do I feel this? Maybe I have some things that are blocking me.
  12. ACCEPT THE WORLD AS IT IS: I believe I might be an old soul, and old souls have lived so much that they have expectations for this world that should be more evolved. So I have this ideals on how the world should be and I focus too much time and energy on what is wrong (in my opinion) with it. I need to accept it as what it is and that evolution has its course.

For now this is what I’ve found during my soul-searching. And I think I’m on the right path because I’ve felt a huge good vibration after realizing this!

Have you had any experience with astrology, would you consider to dive into it more?

Things I Need to Work On According to Astrology

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