Are Myer-Briggs Personality Types In Sync With Astrology?

As curiosity I took my test at 16personalities (not sponsored) and the result was really NOT surprising.

My birth chart says that I have a sun in virgo, my ascendant is Aquarius and Capricorn (I am mixed because I am an Aquarius in 0º, which means I just left Capricorn) and my moon is in Scorpio. If I had to describe what it means in only a sentence it would be that I have a very emotional soul (an empath), with a very good intuition as well as a very practical but detail oriented human nature whose mission is to serve and guide others as well as discovering who I am spiritually (one day I might expose my self and read my whole chart for you).

But what did my test said I was?


Because I’ve had embarked in this astrology journey and I identify so much with my birth chart it was not news when the Myer-Briggs personality test described me as a INFJ + T.

Introvert – 64%
Intuitive – 69%
Feeling – 72%
Judging – 74%
(+ Turbulent – 51%)

Apparently this is yet again a very rare type of personality, held by only 1% of the world population.

Everything that it described me to be is very in sync with my astrology chart and it actually made me believe even more in astrology. To take the test you’ll need to answer about 90 questions in total, astrology is just math and the astros but the similarities baffled me.

The good thing is astrology gives you information that the test doesn’t and vice versa, it is interesting to study both to better understanding of the self.

One thing I’ve realized for sure and I was going through the wrong path before I realized this:

Truth, Beauty and Purpose are in the trinity of my soul not money, recognition or fame!

Growing up and right until recently it was what I strived for and I’m sure if I were to continue in the same path my soul would not evolve. I am grateful for all of this knowledge I’ve been receiving to better self-love and understanding of who I am.

Have you taken the test yet? What were your results?

Are Myer-Briggs Personality Types In Sync With Astrology?

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