Ghosting Social Media


For those who don’t follow my blog or don’t know me at all: Hi, I’m Helena.

This post is a little different. Basically it’s a ramble, so bear with me…

A few days ago I decided to delete everything I ever posted on Facebook and Instagram, leaving only the things other people posted on my wall or identified me in it (because it was too much work to remove everything).

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Ghosting Social Media

Law of Attraction: How to Manifest Your Dreams

Law of Attraction
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This is the second part on my series about the “Law of Attraction”. In the last post we talked about what this law is all about and what science had to say about it.

This post is for those who want to maybe try it out or are already users of these method but need a little freshen up. I’ll be covering from a very summarized perspective on how to make this “law” work.

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Law of Attraction: How to Manifest Your Dreams